A clumsy, confused and crazy soul making excessive use of sarcasm on daily basis. (which might turn out to be the reason for my untimely death)

In love with travelling, tea, mountains and waters.I flirt with places, light and words (in that order). Need a travel companion? Try asking me, I never say No. Anytime. Anywhere.
Capturing people’s stories in my heart and their presence in camera, is the only productive thing I do.

Go through my travel posts, photo stories and  random portfolio  by clicking the tabs on the top of this web page.

Kashmir- A Paradise Lost, is something through which I want to give an international recognition for this little known conflict zone, one of the most militarized region in the world. I believe visuals have a powerful and a long term impact on people, hence through my photos I intend to display the sufferings  a  Kashmiri goes through everyday.

Thank You very much. You da best!

I spill my heart out here  daily.

Just some general contact info if anyone cares: nwatali@gmail.com

Peace out.


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